Washing Angels Testimonials

I have a small hairdressers and have been using The Washing Angels for some time. They wash and dry all my salon’s towels every week, leaving myself and staff time to deal with clients.

My mother aged 75, who is still very house proud, was washing and ironing all of her bedding every week. It was an accident waiting to happen.

I called The Washing Angels and Jenny came to the house, collected all my mother’s washing and delivered it back the next day all washed and ironed. She even offered to make the beds up with clean sheets.

Mother is now a lot happier, not to mention safer and this gives us peace of mind.

Well done The Washing Angels!

I hate ironing and last week was the last straw. Friday night my partner asked; Where is my favourite shirt? I replied; In the washing basket where you left it, I work as well you know!

This led to a big argument.

As we both value our time we decided to call The Washing Angels and they now collect all of our weekend washing and dry cleaning and deliver it back to us the same week. To us their service is priceless because it means no more arguments.

My husband and I have all our dry cleaning and washing and ironing done every week at The Washing Angels as we value every minute of our free time. Thank you for an invaluable service.