Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Services

Our Meltham/Holmfirth dry cleaners are fast, reliable and second to none.

Just bring in your garments to us or call us our about collection and delivery service. We look forward to helping you with all your dry cleaning needs!

Price List

Dry Cleaning

Suits - 2pc £13.00
Suits - 3pc £14.00
Trousers   £7.50
Waistcoat   £5.00
Jacket normal   £9.50
Jacket evening £10.00
Fur Trimmed Gilet £10.00
3/4 Length Coat £12.00
Full length Coat £14.00
Jumper   £5.00
Blouse/ Shirts   £5.00
Skirts - Plain   £7.00
Skirts - Full Pleat £10.00
Dress - short {Plain} £12.00
Dress - short {Embellished} £16.00
Dress - long {plain} £15.00
Dress - long {Embellished} £23.00
Dress - Evening Gown £24.00
Dress - Plain Wedding £25.00
Curtains (per 1b)   £5.50

Wedding Garments

Wedding Gowns:
Wedding Dress £80.00
Silk Wedding Dress £90.00
Bridesmaids Dress £25.00
Specialist Garments Suede and Leather prices  available upon request.


Suit Covers / Dress Covers   £4.95
Duvet Bags - woven   £4.00
All feather duvets and feather pillows add £4.00 extra for drying.


We give a 100% no quibble money back guarantee

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My husband and I have all our dry cleaning and washing and ironing done every week at The Washing Angels as we value every minute of our free time. Thank you for an invaluable service.